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Medical Services for Your Work

Services including medical surveillance for those working with hazardous substances, medical assessments for rail workers, and worker’s compensation injury treatment are only some of the services offered to keep workers healthy. Marketown Health also offers quality care services to national and local companies, covering health monitoring and preventive medicine.

Viruses can spread quickly in industries with high level of human contact. Annual vaccinations are essential to combat the various strains of influenza which present each season.

Marketown Health holds an annual influenza immunisation clinic beginning around March/April each year. This is also available on a corporate level. Please enquire with reception who can advise you of the commencement dates and available booking times.

• On site clinics 
• Serology


Managing workers compensation injury with the following services available:

  • Triage of injuries
  • Managing work-related illness or injury
  • Assessment of work capacity
  • Workcover Certificates issued
  • Communication with the Employer, Insurance Companies, Case Managers and Rehabilitation providers
  • An aim to assist the employee’s recovery to return to pre-injury duties in the shortest timeframe possible

Instant assessment offers a fast response time, giving the prospective   employer results to determine if the employee is fit for duty.

  • Audiometry screening
  • Spirometry (lung function)
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Breath Alcohol testing
  • ECG
  • Musculoskeletal assessments - Assessed range of movement, reflexes and pathological change
    • Spine, Flexion, Extension, Lateral
    • Upper Limb, Shoulder, Elbow, Hands
    • Lower Limb, Hips, Knees, Ankles
    • Ability to Squat, Duck Walk, Balance
    • As needed more detailed neurological targetec neurological checks - eg. foot sensation in diabetics

Examination and Certification in accordance with the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers.

Examples many of our medicals are defined by government recommendations - see https://www.safework

  • Lead exposure
  • Asbestos
  • Silica and mining
  • Chromium / Cadmium
  • Solvents






• NSW Coal Board Medical Order 43



NSW COAL ORDER 43 - Preplacement, Periodic and Exit Medicals


New Legislation regarding coal medical assessments came into force on 1/7/2018 and has replaced the "old" Coal Order 41.

The legislation defines the assessments and staff and equipment certifications for the medical assessment process.

Coal 43 requires that clinicians involved in the coal medical assessments have appropriate training and professional review processes.

The NSW Coal Board offers part of the clinician training process. No training process for fit testing is listed at this time.


Our information below is intended to help you navigate the new situation and also advise you of the service we can provide.


It is confusing and I seem to get different information?


The changes have come into effect from 1/7/2018. At the time of writing there are a considerable number of new events and obligations raised by the Order 43 and the administration of this order by Coal Services Pty Ltd. Accordingly all parties are finding their feet with the changes. There is some uncertainty how various contractors and other parties whom have irregular contact with the coal industry are to comply.  If there is a particular concern please raise it with the mine manager and if relevant to the medical assessment please raise it with our staff.



Why has a "new" Coal Order (Order 43) been issued?


The changes are largely triggered in response to the Qld black lung events. An inquiry in Qld showed multiple concerns with items such as chest X-rays not being undertaken to the ILO standard and less than ideal spirometry testing etc. This has triggered each state to review its coal mine health surveillance processes.



The content of a NSW Coal Order 43 Assessment


The NSW GOVERNMENT GAZETTE No 48 4 May 2018 contains details of the 3 types of medicals for Coal Workers; Preplacement, Periodic and Exit Medical Assessments.

The full details are defined by Government:

Pre placement medical assessment in Schedule 1 see page 2780

Periodic and Exit medical assessments in Schedule 2 see page 2781






In practical terms the process for most includes:

A series of questionnaires completed by the employee, inquiries about the persons past health, employment roles and injuries,  general health review , inquiries about smoking alcohol and other lifestyle choices.

A physical examination by our clinicians

Vision testing (please bring glasses / contacts)

Spirometry (breathing tests) 

Audiology (hearing tests).

Respirator fit testing is listed for those who require it (see comments below & check with the mine manager)

As a part of the normal medical assessment process clinicians will make mention of facial hair and or facial anatomy where it is felt it may make respirator fitting (and achieving the seal) difficult.

Urine testing

Blood testing for periodic medical assessments may also be required to check cholesterol.

Chest X-ray reported to ILO standard (required)

The reports from the employee and clinicians are loaded into the Coal Services portal for Order 43 Assessments



What service does Marketown Health provide?


Dr Barnett and our team are certified to do Coal Order 43 medicals. We will look to guide you through all steps of the medical assessments.

We do NOT do "fit testing". If you are a contractor or new to a mine please ensure you contact the mine about any requirement to wear a respirator*.

At this time Coal Services require that the medical data be entered into their computer portal via authorised clinicians. We do this and provide you with a copy of the Order 43 document.

If your organisation requires additional documents / paperwork, this can be accommodated but there is an additional charge to the standard Coal 43 Assessment processes.

We do not refund fees if it is later found fit testing issues make your medical deemed incomplete.



How do I book my Order 43 Medical Assessment?


Phone our surgery and ask for the commercial services bookings or senior staff looking after workplace medical assessments.

We will need details such as the full name of the person who is to be assessed.

Cancellation with less than 1 full business day notice or non-attendance to a booking carries a charge of half the labour charge for the medical.

Please be sure to read the information on fit testing before booking.  Talk to our staff if there is uncertainty about fit testing.



What do I need to bring to the medical assessment?


The medical assessment should be assumed to last 3 hours.

Please be sure to consider your parking arrangements.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the allocated booking time.

Please bring the following;

Glasses / contact lenses normal worn and case to remove the contact lenses.

Hearing aids if used

Official photo ID such as a drivers licence

Details of your usual GP or specialists that you have seen in the past 4-5 years.

A list of photos of all prescription medications you take - even if only taken infrequently.

A list of employment roles you have occupied over the past 10 years


I need a Queensland Coal Board Medical?


Marketown Health does NOT have clinicians certified for the Queensland Coal legislation and so sadly we cannot assist you.

Unfortunately at this time there is NO reciprocal recognition between Qld Coal and NSW Coal regulators and associated legislation.

For a doctor to be Queensland Coal certified they currently must attend Qld and complete the Qld training process.

A NSW Coal Order 43 is unlikely to be accepting at Qld Coal mines. If a Qld mine operator indicates they will recognise a current NSW Coal Order 43, then we may be able to assist, but we recommend you check your arrangements for this carefully.



What if I / Our Organisation do NOT wish to lodge the information with the Coal Services Portal?


If your organisation does not wish the information to be listed to the Coal Services portal then you will need to declare this to us in writing. Please be aware at the current time our instruction has been all Coal Order 43 Assessments are to be lodged electronically with Coal Services. If you wish this to NOT happen please, be clear to instruct us on this and also check with your organisation and their legal advisors.



I am the worker I do not wish to do the medical and / or provide information to Coal Services?


Your consent to undertake the medical will be checked at Marketown Health.

Your right to refuse to undertake the assessment is respected at all times.

If you have concerns about the medical assessment please raise this with your organisation or employer.

Failing this, if your employer has booked you for the medical, but you have concerns, please phone our Marketown Health staff immediately so we can assist you. 



What is quantitative (respirator) "fit testing" listed in the order?


To understand fit testing see this commercial web site which provides an easy to follow summary.

The testing required is quantitative.



Who requires (respirator*) "fit testing"?


Fit testing IS required in some instances.

Schedule 1 (pre placement order 43 assessments) fit testing is required for the persons [whose] work is relating to production processing or maintenance at a coal mine for the first time.

If you are a contractor or new to mining we recommended you discuss this specific matter with the mine you are attending. Fit testing may or may not be a necessary requirement.  It is our suggestion you ask the mine operator for clarification in writing.

We do not refund fees if it is later found fit testing issues make your medical deemed incomplete.

Coal Services, administering the Government Gazette, indicate a failed fit test does NOT invalidate the Order 43.


What happens if I fail a Fit Test?

Coal Services, administering the Government Gazette, indicate a failed fit test does NOT invalidate the Order 43.



Market own Health does NOT do (respirator*) "fit testing"?


Within industry quantitative fit testing is NOT normally a "medical undertaking". 

Respirators when needed need to fit well at all times, not just at a medical assessment.

We recommend to you contact the mine manager about your requirement for fit testing.  If you are attending a mine as a contractor or new employee the need for fit testing depends on your work role. Please check before you book your medical with us.



Things to consider about a respirator & Fit testing? 


Testing the fit of the respirator* in the independent environment of a medical assessment makes sense, for persons in a dust laden production / processing environments.  A fit test however is not a "medical" or "doctor" activity.  The matter needs ongoing day to day WHS responsibility from individuals and organisations;

Decisions about respirators, the types accepted or required within a mine, the choice of supplier and the ongoing relationships with respect to the respirator equipment and servicing are not "medical" activities.

Order 43 medical assessment, in the routine setting, are valid for 3 years. A respirator in regular use will likely not last 3 years.

Changes in weight for individuals in our community are common. The respirator needs to fit at all times. Hence management of a good fit is an ongoing workplace need.

Personal choices about beards and facial hair change for individuals but this also affects respirator fitting.

Mine operators and their WHS teams manage this process. The process needs appropriate consideration of the work environment and occupational hygiene data together with ongoing at site availability of expertise to assist with review of the respirator fit for each individual.




* RESPIRATOR - This is commonly a mask like filter system worn on the face as a personal protective equipment item to prevent the wearer from inhaling dusts. Helmut like versions also exist. It should NOT be confused with a mine "self rescuer" device or "self rescuer respirator". It is usual for all persons entering underground mines to have a "self rescuer" worn on their belt. The fit test refers to the fitting seal of a "respirator" - it is important not to confuse these two items.