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Bite Into Life Dietition Clare Jones - now at Marketown Health

Clare is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian holding The Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Class I Honours) from The University of Newcastle. Additional to her degree Clare has undergone training in The Non-Diet Approach and Motivational Interviewing and has a particular interest in practising under the principles of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating. Clare firstly meets each of her clients as a person, beyond a presentation of nutritional and health concerns, as she is aware of the two-way impact nutrition and diet has on all other aspects of life. Clare's Mission is to support people to form a trusting connection with their own bodies and to thoroughly understand their disease state or risk and how diet relates to this. It is from here that Clare helps her clients to care for and feed themselves, from a place of love, respect and understanding. In an initial consultation (60min) Clare conducts a full assessment of the client including their goals, medical history, social history, food and disease/risk factor knowledge, current diet and factors that influence their choices, and capacity and motivation for change. Her focus in this session is gathering information to come to an agreement with the client as to where they want to take their nutrition care.

Some of the clinical areas Clare commonly treats include:
• Weight management
• Cardiovascular disease (CVD), hypercholesterolemia
• Type 1 & 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - FODMAPS
• Coeliac disease
• Crohns disease
• Food allergies and intolerances
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Healthy eating for the family
• Disordered eating and body image concerns

Contact Marketown Health to make an appointment or speak to your Doctor or Nurse.

Marketown Health is happy to be consulted about all nutritional issues, and has professionals with special interest and expertise in diabetes, pre-diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome.

Consultations attract a rebate by Medicare Allied Health Services, from private health funds and are covered by Veterans Affairs.

Fees for Clare are as follows

Private Initial Appointment: $99 (may be claimable on Private health fund)

Private Review: $65 (may be claimable on Private health fund)

EPC/Care Plan Initial: $85 ($52.95 claimable on Medicare)

EPC/Care Plan Review: Bulk-billed